Veronique Bourgoin

28.08. – 12.09.2015

At ART-O-RAMA, Marseille, Deborah Schamoni is proud to show a solo presentation Les labyrinthes du temps by Paris-based artist Véronique Bourgoin.

The color of an infinity which is as much in the man as except him.” (Annie Le Brun) Inspired by my own reality, I stage the ‘ salon’ as a metaphor, a setting for communication and exchange. Like a film’s décor I made my “salon” transportable and transformable, inside an installation which, in the manner of a large photographic collage, juxtaposes environments by combining drawings, objects, and photos to reveal a voyage both poetic and historical and which questions the viewer about art’s place and role as well as the evolution of communication space in our everyday lives, our existence. For Art O Rama, I realise an installation stemming from an historic salon of Château Borély in Marseille. Les labyrinthes du temps in which each work opens new spaces, wherein “matter” and “black holes” meet up with their trajectories, creating temporal distortion, immersing the visitor in a paradoxical situation between visionary dreams and interior chaos. A universe where altered image, overexposed by “too much” light can disappear in an instant, leaving a sparkling trace behind it, as if something persisted inside. Our memory is stored in “clouds”, black screens, new magical mirrors, inciting images of what we’d like to be, all the information we’d like to know, the mirror Alice crosses, the water of the Styx in which Narcissus seeks his reflection, an immaterial flow where saturation of images and information also provoke their erasure.