LISTE Art Fair 2016

Basel, Switzerland


14.06. – 19.06.2016

At LISTE Art Fair 2016, Deborah Schamoni is proud to show a solo presentation by KAYA.
KAYA is Kerstin Brätsch and Debo Eilers. Both artists consider their own practices — painting and sculpture — the subject matter and base material of a conceptual and multidisciplinary work. KAYA is interested in continual processes of displacement, variation, and reproduction in appropriations of digital imaging. Within a collaboration with their muse Kaya, they elaborate on the possible creation of a third body and therewith the potential extension of their sculptural and painterly investigations. What happens if painting or sculpture literally became a body? Beyond being triggered by an interest in youth culture by involving another person with her own personal history, KAYA is at the same time an approach to explore an unknown territory, embrace the unpredictable, and diffuse classifications while challenging notions of authorship, originality, and exchange value. KAYA is a metaphorical and physical avatar for the Bodybag works, where the sculpture and painting of the artists merge into large hybrid beings: body castings bagged and constrained by grab bars and metal belts. Occasionally the work fits together harmoniously, at other times the disconnect between artists is visualized by elements protruding in a nearly violent manner, materials they have accumulated working against each other whilst still remaining part of the KAYA community.