LISTE Art Fair 2015

Anne Imhof

16.06. – 21.06.2015

At LISTE Art Fair 2015, Deborah Schamoni is proud to show a solo presentation by Frankfurt-based artist Anne Imhof.

Anne Imhof’s art, her drawings, etchings, sculptures, installations and performances, emits a sense of affective physicality that renders all feelings, all emotions, all thoughts and all language, as affects; as forceful somatic bonds. A desire not directed at the viewer, but at nourishing its expansive stance. …

… Imhof’s etchings on dibond, her sculptures and pencil, charcoal and pastel drawings are corresponding in the character of their mark making: a visual grammar of bruisings, of scratches, holes, bodyparts, appendages that appear as exhumations from a before implicit streak within our social order that here comes to a full aesthetic life. Imhof’s works are physical without being expressive, affective without being sentimental. …

… Imhof’s is an aestheticism that expands via concentrations of brutalities and disidentifications, via their affective artistic affirmation and proliferation. Her show at Deborah Schamoni did thus not offer a subjectivized and expressive artistic signature, but a very powerful individuated structure of performance, objects, and drawings, which proposes an infinitely expandable affective aestheticism.
– Kerstin Stakemeier on Anne Imhof, Rage, at Deborah Schamoni