Paris+ par Art Basel – Sites

Judith Hopf

Phone User 4 (Outdoor), 2021–2022

19.10. – 23.10.2022

For its first edition, Sites unfolds in four emblematic settings throughout Paris.

The Jardin des Tuileries – Domaine national du Louvre hosts ‘La Suite de l’Histoire’, an exhibition of large-scale works curated by Annabelle Ténèze, Director of Les Abattoirs, Musée – Frac Occitanie Toulouse.

Judith Hopf’s Phone User 4 (outdoor), a human-sized figure made of concrete, is obviously preoccupied with her smartphone. While the deeply fraught and yet sometimes undeniably comical relationships between people and their technological objects are part of Hopf’s core repertoire, with Phone Users the artist focuses on the ecological implications of such unequal economies. Like props for a play without a script, the sculptures invite the viewer to slow down and look around.
The sculpture also points to Judith Hopf’s first institutional and parallel exhibition at Frac Île-de-France and Bétonsalon – centre d’art et de recherche in Paris. Other works from the series, Phone User 2 and 3, are part of Hopf’s extensive exhibition “Énergies” there. The simultaneous presentation of the various Phone Users connects the three locations to form a Triangle of Connection.

Judith Hopf

Phone User 4 (outdoor), 2021 – 2022